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You cannot shop till you drop everyday so let us do something as interesting as shopping at .

We have added info on Events in and around Cairns for those who want to pay us a visit in Australia.

We will also try to update you with what is happening in the neighbourhood. Accommodation and Tours and Airfares, etc. will be added. Keep checking for updates.


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Belly Dance in mirrored aircon venues at Beaches Belly Dance at Smithfield. Phone Mardi for bookings on
Mob 0412 271 547
Ph 07 4038 2103

At , you can find things to wear and accessorise your gear like beads, sequinnes, scarf, tassles, cords, fabrics for Harem pants, gliterry sequinned microdots and designer lycra for belly dancing.
Wear long flowing skirt or sarong over a leotard or swimsuit. Bring a scarf to tie around your hips. Bare feet.

Enter the magical and mysterious world of the East, the land of silken veils and Kohl darkened eyes.

Indulge yourself in learning this fascinating, sensual and feminine dance form.

Belly Dancing is a fun and interesting fitness alternative. Gain self-confidence, increase self esteem and win friends. It helps tone and condition the body especially the pelvic floor, bust, hips and tummy. Gain relief from stress, back, neck and menstrual pain. Exercise safely pre and post natally.
Express yourself and have lots of fun. get in touch with that feminine side!!

Women of any age and shape are invited.
Previous dance experience not required.
Come and join us to slimworld and fitness.


More coming up!

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