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presents a partial list of products from our Cairns store inventory for this product category and that are currently available in our virtual Showroom. Please Contact Us regarding items that you cannot find in our virtual Showroom and we will be happy to assist you.

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Printed Lycra
no image SPANDEX
Manufactured Fiber

Can be stretched over 500% without breaking
Able to be stretched repetitively and still recover original length
Abrasion resistant
Stronger, more durable than rubber
Soft, smooth and supple
Resistant to body oils, perspiration, lotions or detergents
No static or pilling problems

Check out Plain, Printed, Cotton, Polyester, Holographic and Metallic Lycra

Major End Uses:
Apparel - articles where stretch is desired: athletic apparel, bathing suits, foundation garments, ski pants, slacks, hosiery, socks, belts.

Lycra® is the most familiar spandex fiber
Dupon® is also another brand for Spandex.

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